News: New Dymo D1 tapes don’t work with Dymo 1000

Apparently, Dymo have redesigned the popular D1 tapes, used in all of the current range of their electronic labellers.  While this doesn’t affect any of the current range of labelmakers, users of very old label machines such as the Dymo 1000 / 5000 have found that the redesigned tapes no longer physically fit in the machine.

Note that is the Dymo 1000/5000 not the Dymo RhinoPRO 1000/5000 which are completely different.

Users of the ancient Dymo 1000 label printers are invited to email Dymo Label Printers for news on a potential solution (or of course just buy a new Label Maker!).

4 thoughts on “News: New Dymo D1 tapes don’t work with Dymo 1000”

  1. I have an old Dymo 1000 labelmaker that is still very good. My problem is that the new D1 45013 tape cartridge will not physically fit in my machine. What the heck did you do? Let me know where to get the right tape and what you now call it.

  2. We didn’t do anything, we are not Dymo. Dymo changed the design of the tape and as per the information about this means the new tapes won’t fit in certain very old machines. The tape has been redesigned, so there is no more ‘right tape’.

  3. If you’ve got a 5000, hack the plastic hump out of the way on the labeller… there is nothing underneath, just air, but be careful the pcb isn’t a million miles away. And welcome to D1 heaven!

    First labeller I ever bought, about £150 at the time.

  4. With a cutter I meticulously cut off a part of the new D1 cartridge to fit in my old Dymo 1000.
    It took me an half hour and it works perfectly.

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