News: Dymo launches new labelwriter labels – S0929100 Appointment/Name Badge Cards

Another popular request from customers –  The Dymo S0929100 is a roll of 300 appointment/name badge/business card labels made of thin non-adhesive card.  Supplied on a roll and separated by perforations these can be used as appointment cards or even business cards (though they are thinner than standard business cards and of course have the Dymo black marks on the back)

News: More info on Dymo price increases

We can reveal that the Labelwriter labels will be hit hardest by the new pricing, with most of them going up by around 15% and some of them even more.  Many dealers are already passing on the price rises, while some of the larger Dymo suppliers such as Dymo King and Crazy Dave’s – who hold large stocks of their own, rather than getting them dropshipped – are still holding prices at the previous levels until stocks run out.

So if you use a lot of these, don’t hang about – fill your boots while you can, 15% is a big increase and they’re unlikely to get any cheaper in future…

News: New Dymo D1 tapes don’t work with Dymo 1000

Apparently, Dymo have redesigned the popular D1 tapes, used in all of the current range of their electronic labellers.  While this doesn’t affect any of the current range of labelmakers, users of very old label machines such as the Dymo 1000 / 5000 have found that the redesigned tapes no longer physically fit in the machine.

Note that is the Dymo 1000/5000 not the Dymo RhinoPRO 1000/5000 which are completely different.

Users of the ancient Dymo 1000 label printers are invited to email Dymo Label Printers for news on a potential solution (or of course just buy a new Label Maker!).

News: Big Dymo price rises coming soon!

Dymo UK has raised the cost price of Dymo labels and machines to match European prices, and these price rises have already taken affect at Dymo.  Some resellers have already raised their prices, while the larger resellers are holding prices on their existing stock.

As these stocks run out expect price rises across the board.  LabelWriters and Labelwriter labels have been particularly badly hit – so if you buy a lot of labels, fill your boots while you can!

Dymo Postal Scales now in stock

A few weeks later than expected, stocks of the new Postal Scales from Dymo are now starting to arrive at the leading Dymo dealers though many of the smaller outfits are still having trouble getting stocks.

Postal Scales
Dymo Postal Scales

The packaging follows the new green/black squares branding.

News: Dymo releases new Plug and Play (PnP) label maker

Dymo has released it’s simplest to use electronic labeller yet.  The new Dymo PnP connects to your PC or Mac via USB, but there is no software to install, no batteries to buy, and no need for another power supply cluttering up your office.

The Dymo Plug and Play uses an internal Li-Ion rechargable battery and is charged via the USB cable.  When the device is switched on a label window pops up on your PC/MAC allowing you print straight away.  The software is based on the labeller rather than PC, so you can just plug it in to any machine and start printing without having to install the software from a CD or network share.   Just Plug and Play. It’s that simple!

Further more, you can use any of the fonts on your PC rather than being restricted to a few default fonts as with most labellers.

News: Dymo launch new range of Shipping & Postal Scales

Dymo Corporation is launching it’s new range of Digital Postage Scales to the UK market in January 2011.   In the US these were originally known under the well known Pelouze brand name, but in the UK that has been phased out in favour of the Dymo brand name.

The range includes 4 Postal Scales for letters and small parcels (upto a max of 10kg), and 4 shipping scales for larger packages (upto a max of 180kg).  Most of the models are USB so can be plugged into your PC.

The shipping scales come with a detachable display so you can still read the weight when weighing a large box.  See the picture of the Dymo S180 below:

Dymo S180 Shipping Scales

Prices and availability are yet to be confirmed, but we should have details in a few days.  It’s not yet known which channels these items will be available through, but they will be available first at Dymo Label Printers and also the new Dymo Scales website.