Offer: £50 Cashback on Dymo LabelWriter 450’s

Dymo have a new offer on for their  LabelWriter 450 (standard) address label printers.  If you purchase one and 6 or more of any Labelwriter labels between 1st January 2011 and 31st March 2011 you can claim £50 cashback from Dymo.

Considering that some Dymo stores are selling the labelwriters for little over £50 anyway, you’re almost getting the labeller for free!

Labelwriter 450 with Free Starter Kits worth £70!

The Free Starter Kit Offer which was always popular with the old LabelWriter 400 machines is now available on the LabelWriter 450’s – or at least on the Turbo, Twin and Duo models. It is not availalble on the standard LW450 printer.

The Starter Kit contains a variety of labels and a spare spool (useful for swapping labels more quickly).

Labelwriter 400 Turbo’s – batch of old printers going cheap!

Dymo Label Printers have a batch of old Labelwriter Turbos in stock, which they’re selling off cheap.

These were discontinued several months back and replaced by the new LW450 turbos. But if you have a specific requirement for the LW400 (for compatibility purposes, or because you have an installed base of 400’s for example) then now’s the time to grab one before the stocks run out.

They are priced below the cost of the standard LW450 model and the old turbo is still slightly faster than the new standard model. Apart from the speed the only advantage in buying the new model is the slightly increased resolution and better software – but you can download the new software for your old printer so that doesn’t really matter…

Anyhoo, get them while you can.

Dymo LabelWriter 450 – 30 Day Offer ends Soon!

The 30 day Money Back Guarantee offer finishes on the 31st March 2010.

Ao if you aren’t sure if the Labelwriter will do what you want now is your last chance to give one a whirl for upto 30 days – and if it doesn’t do what you want then you can return for a full refund.

T&C: Return requests must be made by calling the Dymo Helpdesk to get instructions on how to return the product(s). The Dymo helpdesk can be reached at 020 7341 55 29. For the refund, you will need to provide a copy of your original invoice, as well as your bank account details. They must be in their original state including manuals, software, accessories, cables, etc. in their original packaging. DYMO will refund the goods through a bank transfer within 4 weeks after receipt.

A few Labelwriter DUO’s with damaged packaging going cheap

The Dymo Label Printer store has a few of the old Labelwriter 400 Duo’s left, and is selling them off cheap now that the newer LabelWriter 450 series has been launched.

If you’re not too concerned about the speed then the LW400 duo’s are good value at £109 instead of the £139 price tag on the LW450 duo’s. And if you don’t mind it arriving in a battered box, they have a couple with battered boxes going for only £99…

You can find all 3 offers on the Dymo Labelwriter page

New ‘Dymo Time’ Promotion – 15000 prizes!

Dymo have started a new promotional campaign for the last 3 months of the year, with 15,000 prizes to be claimed.

I haven’t managed to get a full list of prizes yet, but it includes a trip to New York, 1 or more Apple IPhones, 1 or more Apple Ipod Nanos, and (probably thousands) of Sharpie Marker Pens. I’ll post again when I get a full list of prizes and the quantites of each.

Every purchase of a qualifying labeller will win a prize (see site for list of the qualifying labelmakers).

On top of the promotion Dymo Label Printers are offering various other special offers, including: Free extra labels (in addtion to the ones that comes free in the box) on several label makers, and a Starter Kit worth £70 with every Labelwriter Turbo printer.

If you were looking for one then now’s definately a good time to buy a labeler!

Dymo LabelWriter – ‘free’ upgrade to faster version

Dymo Label Printers are currently running a promotion offering the faster Turbo model for the same price as the standard model.

Both the Dymo LabelWriter 400 and LabelWriter Turbo are currently on sale for only £79.99

The faster version has an RRP of £119.99 (ex VAT) so it is a saving of £40.

Both printers are the standard desktop label printers for use in the home and small offices. They are generally used for address labels, but are also often used for barcode labels, general office labels and filing.