Hohoho and/or LOL – New Dymo holiday labels are laughably bad

The new Dymo XMAS labels (or “holiday labels” as they are officially called) have finally been released, although so late they nearly missed Christmas (sorry, “the holidays”) altogether.

However, they are pretty bad. Ok, really bad.  “Unintentionally hilarious” is the best way to describe them.

The Tree design, to be fair, does look like a Christmas tree. kind of. without any decorations, and for some reason white on a green background. but still a tree.

The others, however, are somewhat weirder.  Firstly there’s one one that is widely referred to as “the moose“. Perhaps it is supposed to be a reindeer?  Or just some generic, non-holiday specific, moose like creature. Who knows, but I can’t believe people will be queuing up to buy brown and white address labels with a moose on… So bad it will probably be a collectors item one day…

And lastly, there is the red label which is like… uh… well… um… not really sure what it is supposed to be and/or represent.  It’s basically a woolly hat and a moustache.  Is it supposed to be a trendy Santa – without a beard?  I child with a comedy fake moustache ready to go and play in the snow…? who knows!  But distributors have nicknamed it “the lumberjack” – not very festive or holiday like, but I guess it may find a niche market amongst lumberjacks, hipsters and “lumbersexuals” (yes, that’s a thing, google it!)

Anyway, they’re “limited edition” so if you want to buy some in the hope you’ll be able to flog them on ebay as collectors items when the majority of them probably get pulped, you can find them here:

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