Make out like a bandit by taking full advantage of the 40% cash back promo at the Dymo Shop!

The Dymo Shop is currently running a Cashback promo on orders over £50 that contain at least one printer.

The cashback is 20% for orders between £50-99.99 and 40% between £100-500.  Most printers qualify for the cashback offer, except the new XTL industrial range and a few odd ones like the M1011 industrial embosser.

But if you’re planning to buy a printer, you can make out like a bandit if you’re smart about it.  Take the popular LabelWriter 450 as an example.

Firstly, this is already a bargain – the normal machines are £69.99 (all prices ex vat) but Dymo currently have a bundle kit consisting of the very same printer bundled with 3 rolls of labels for only £47.99 – So the same printer, for £22 less, plus 3 rolls of labels!

But, it gets better.  The LW450 bundle is included in the cashback offer!  ok, at £47.99 it doesn’t qualify.  But if you add a single box of the most popular labels (99012’s) at £11.49 then now the total is £59.48 – but now you get 20% cashback (£11.90) meaning the final price, minus cashback, is £47.58!  So now you have a £69.99 printerplus 3 rolls of labelsplus a box (2 rolls) of 99012 address labels for only £47.58!

If you are likely to want more 99012’s in future (and most people do) then why not add more and push it into the 40% cashback territory?  Add 5 boxes of 99012’s to the printer and the total is now £105.44 – but you can get 40% cashback on this, so you would end up paying (after cashback) only £63.26!  So you started with a printer bundle pack for £47.99, added 5 boxes (10 rolls) of the most popular labels and you’re still paying over £6.00 less than the price of the regular printer on it’s own!

I think that’s the most exclamation marks I’ve ever used in one article…

But remember, only one order per customer, and it must contain a printer. So to take advantage of this you need to order it all together in one go.

More details on the promo, and the LW450 bundle, are here:

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