Fix for Dymo Label Software freezing in Windows 10 when using LabelWriter Printers

The Dymo Label Software 8.5.1 is supposed to work with Windows 10, but some people have been having problems with the software freezing during startup.  Apparently the driver did work on the original base Win10 install, but a windows update “broke” it.

This is a “known issue”, and here is the fix for that problem:

  1. Right-click on DYMO Label v8 icon on the desktop
  2. Select Properties -> Compatibility -> Run in compatibility mode with Windows 7
  3. Apply and OK

Boom. Job Done.

[UPDATE 11-OCT-15] This fix is specific to this problem.  If you’re not having this specific problem, then this specific solution won’t help! (duh)

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9 thoughts on “Fix for Dymo Label Software freezing in Windows 10 when using LabelWriter Printers”

  1. This does not work the problem appears to be with the driver not the Dymo software.

    I have deleted the printer, reinstalled the driver and Windows does not detect the printer correctly

    1. Soooo… just to clarify, what you appear to be saying is that you applied the fix for this specific problem that you don’t have, and it failed to fix the completely unrelated problem that you do have…? And by your logic that means the fix somehow “doesn’t work”…?

  2. I get the error Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation when starting the 8.5.1 software in windows 10, then I hit okay and try to use a label template and get error The server threw and exception (Exception from HRESULT:0x80010105(RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))

    1. ok, so again, an issue completely unrelated to this problem, this solution and this post…? Sigh. Well, while you’re here, try this…

      As the software is dependent on .NET Framework 3.5, it is possible that the error you are experiencing is in relation to this. I would advise you to try the following solution:
      1. Download the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.
      2. Allow the tool to apply its recommended settings.
      3. Once the repair is finished, reboot the computer.

  3. Well, here it worked, setting the compattibility mode.

    Conclusion: Dymo states it has WinX (Windows 10) drivers and software, but actually, they do not have yet.
    Just win8 software and you have to set the compatiblity mode yourself.

    Beter Dynomo just state that instead of pretenting to have WinX compatible software!

    1. No-one is pretending. The products don’t say “windows 10 compatible” on the box (because they came out before Win 10, and they’re not going to keep changing the packaging just to add the latest OS’s). If people ask if they’ll work with Windows 10, Dymo says yes, and they do work with Windows 10. So what’s the problem?

  4. This really does not work. I did it and it keeps freezing. After printing a label it freezes for about a minute, after clicking “File > Open” it freezes for another minute, etc…

    1. Please read the bit at the top again. Specifically the update that says, “This fix is specific to this problem. If you’re not having this specific problem, then this specific solution won’t help! (duh)“. This problem is that the software freezes on startup. ie. you can’t use the software at all. Because it froze. At startup. If you are getting a problem where you can load the software but it temporarly freezes between labels than that is a different problem, and I suggest the best way to get it fixed is to contact Dymo tech support.

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