Make out like a bandit by taking full advantage of the 40% cash back promo at the Dymo Shop!

The Dymo Shop is currently running a Cashback promo on orders over £50 that contain at least one printer.

The cashback is 20% for orders between £50-99.99 and 40% between £100-500.  Most printers qualify for the cashback offer, except the new XTL industrial range and a few odd ones like the M1011 industrial embosser.

But if you’re planning to buy a printer, you can make out like a bandit if you’re smart about it.  Take the popular LabelWriter 450 as an example.

Firstly, this is already a bargain – the normal machines are £69.99 (all prices ex vat) but Dymo currently have a bundle kit consisting of the very same printer bundled with 3 rolls of labels for only £47.99 – So the same printer, for £22 less, plus 3 rolls of labels!

But, it gets better.  The LW450 bundle is included in the cashback offer!  ok, at £47.99 it doesn’t qualify.  But if you add a single box of the most popular labels (99012’s) at £11.49 then now the total is £59.48 – but now you get 20% cashback (£11.90) meaning the final price, minus cashback, is £47.58!  So now you have a £69.99 printerplus 3 rolls of labelsplus a box (2 rolls) of 99012 address labels for only £47.58!

If you are likely to want more 99012’s in future (and most people do) then why not add more and push it into the 40% cashback territory?  Add 5 boxes of 99012’s to the printer and the total is now £105.44 – but you can get 40% cashback on this, so you would end up paying (after cashback) only £63.26!  So you started with a printer bundle pack for £47.99, added 5 boxes (10 rolls) of the most popular labels and you’re still paying over £6.00 less than the price of the regular printer on it’s own!

I think that’s the most exclamation marks I’ve ever used in one article…

But remember, only one order per customer, and it must contain a printer. So to take advantage of this you need to order it all together in one go.

More details on the promo, and the LW450 bundle, are here:

Fix for Dymo Label Software freezing in Windows 10 when using LabelWriter Printers

The Dymo Label Software 8.5.1 is supposed to work with Windows 10, but some people have been having problems with the software freezing during startup.  Apparently the driver did work on the original base Win10 install, but a windows update “broke” it.

This is a “known issue”, and here is the fix for that problem:

  1. Right-click on DYMO Label v8 icon on the desktop
  2. Select Properties -> Compatibility -> Run in compatibility mode with Windows 7
  3. Apply and OK

Boom. Job Done.

[UPDATE 11-OCT-15] This fix is specific to this problem.  If you’re not having this specific problem, then this specific solution won’t help! (duh)

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