New Dymo “High Capacity” Address Labels (99010 Jumbo Rolls)

Dymo have now released 99010 Jumbo Rolls, which have a whopping 1050 labels per roll – and are supplied in a box of 2 rolls – so that’s 2,100 labels per box!  Compare that to the standard 99010 labels which have 2 rolls of 130 labels per box (260/box).

The good news is these are priced around £26.99/box vs approx £7.41/box for the 99010’s.   That gives a per label cost of 1.3p/label vs 2.9p/label – less than half the price…

The only downside is that these High Yield “Jumbo Rolls” only fit the Labelwriter 4XL extra wide printer, not the LW450, Turbo, Twin or DUO.  That’s is because in order to squeeze as many labels onto the rolls as possible the labels have been put in landscape orientation (ie. sideways), and therefore the roll is too wide to fit the standard printers.

One more thing, you will need to update your Dymo Label Software (if you use it) to the latest version so it can recognise the new label.

The new rolls have the p/n S0947410 and are limited to a small number of suppliers only.

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