Custom Dymo Labels Launching soon to the UK

Wow, custom Dymo labels – how long have we been waiting for these? Seems like years. No wait, it has been years. But better late than never…

Finally, within a couple of months, we should be able to get genuine Dymo Labelwriter labels with full colour pre-printing. Want your company logo on your labels? In full Colour? Maybe even a custom size label?

It should all be possible soon – though at a cost. There’ll be a fee for setting up the template (which can be reused if you order again), and the labels will obviously cost more than blank ones. If you want a custom size of label – something that’s not been possible with the labelwriter printers previously – then there will be an initial one-off tooling cost for the thingamybob that cuts the labels.

It’s also anticipated that the lead time will be 2 months initially. If you have any interest in these send an email to the helpful folks at Dymo Label Printers.

One thought on “Custom Dymo Labels Launching soon to the UK”

  1. Have been wating for years too!. Is allready possible in the US et seems, but
    their labels/printers are a bit different from what is used in EU (sensors in the printer, I’ve been told).

    When it can be ordered (WHERE?), anyone may send me a tip.

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