Custom Dymo Labels Launching soon to the UK

Wow, custom Dymo labels – how long have we been waiting for these? Seems like years. No wait, it has been years. But better late than never…

Finally, within a couple of months, we should be able to get genuine Dymo Labelwriter labels with full colour pre-printing. Want your company logo on your labels? In full Colour? Maybe even a custom size label?

It should all be possible soon – though at a cost. There’ll be a fee for setting up the template (which can be reused if you order again), and the labels will obviously cost more than blank ones. If you want a custom size of label – something that’s not been possible with the labelwriter printers previously – then there will be an initial one-off tooling cost for the thingamybob that cuts the labels.

It’s also anticipated that the lead time will be 2 months initially. If you have any interest in these send an email to the helpful folks at Dymo Label Printers.

New Dymo LabelWriter Labels due out imminently

Dymo King has learned that very shortly the following new label types will be available for the Dymo Labelwriter range –

Polypropelene labels (ie. water resistant – by popular demand!)

High Yield labels – these will be the popular 99012 and 99014 labels, but with many more on the roll giving better value for money and fewer roll changes. The bad news is this is acheived by rotating the labels into landscape rather than portrait format, which means… think about it… they will be too wide to fit the output slot of the standard printers. So the Hi-Yield labels will only fit the extra wide Labelwriter 4XL printer. So “bummer” if you already have an LW450/Turbo/Twin/Duo (or earlier), “Yay” if you have a 4XL already, and “oh well it might be worth the extra to go for the wide version after all” if you are still deciding…

There’s also a super secret label – but we can’t tell you about that…

Labelwriter 450 FREE Starter Kit Offer is Back!

This weekend sees the long awaited return of the very popular ‘Free Starter Kit’ promotion on the Dymo LabelWriter 450.  Rumours were that the promo was “never to return” as Dymo had discontinued the Starter kits. 

However, we can reveal that the offer is back, exclusively at Office Ninja – the Office Supplies SuperStore!  Apparently someone somewhere still had some stock and the offer is back on.

So while stocks last, you can get a free Labelwriter Starter Kit with every Dymo LabelWriter 450.