And the new Dymo spokesperson is… um who?

Dymo’s new celebrity spokesperson is Karren Brady. If you’re thinking “WHO???” then join the club, we’d never heard of her either.

According to Dymo, “Karren Brady is spearheading DYMO’s ‘Practically Genius’ campaign which is all about creating moments of genius in the office.”

Having inside knowledge of the potential candidates we can see that Dymo were clearly looking for a powerful, well respected businesswoman who can endorse the Dymo range and will fit well with their new campaign that likens the products to having a personal assistant.

And looking at the background provided in Dymo’s press release they have certainly picked a powerful well respected businesswoman. But we’re just wondering if the average office worker would have a clue who she was. We certainly didn’t. Her picture looked vaguely familiar but her name didn’t ring any bells at all.

According to Dymo “Karren Brady was the youngest ever Managing Director of a PLC in the UK at Birmingham City Football Club, turning the clubs fortunes around between 1993-2009. Karren has been named as one of the most powerful women in the world by Cosmopolitan magazine and was named the Business Woman of the Year in 2007.”

So if you’re a cosmo reader, city bigwig, or Birmingham City fan you probably know who she is, but for the rest of us the choice is somewhat of a mystery. We favoured the other candidate whose name we probably shouldn’t mention, but would have been instantly recognisable to most people with a TV – and she’s a very well respected business woman as well (and no, not one of the Dragons).

However, Karren is due to become Lord Alan Sugar’s new right hand woman, replacing Margaret Mountford, in the new series of The Apprentice, so maybe that will help people to know who she is…