News: Explanation for dymo 320 incompatibility with Vista & Windows 7

We finally have an answer from Dymo as to why some versions of the Labelwriter 320 & 310’s aren’t supported by the new Windows 7 and Vista drivers, while other versions of the same printers are.

Apparently, it’s all down to the usb chipset. It looks like Microsoft may have dropped support for an older USB chipset that is used by some of the old labelwriter printers, and this means that the new OS’s simply can’t detect the hardware – even if emulating XP in a virtual machine.

So that’s pretty final for those unsupported models – the OS simply can’t detect that the labeller is attached because it just doesn’t recognise the particular USB chipset. This means that we can be pretty sure that if it’s not supported now it won’t be supported by any future drivers that may be released.

There are a couple of solutions for those with unsupported printers, as previously mentioned here:

Vista & Windows 7 solutions for unsupported Labelwriter 320 / 310 Machines

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