Dymo Driver: Windows 7 Official Release

Dymo’s response to our enquiries about the release of the official Windows 7 driver for Dymo LabelWriter printers is that there is still no release date.

We therefore advise people to use the ‘stable beta’ version of the driver (v8.2.0.820) which can be found here:

Dymo LabelWriter Driver

Apparently, this works just fine with Windows 7 and we’ve not heard of any problems with it so far.

2 thoughts on “Dymo Driver: Windows 7 Official Release”

  1. ok. We've heard about 1 problem then. 😎

    Please report bugs to helpdesk@dymo.com to see if they can offer any suggestions.

    Last we heard there this version is still the latest version (and only Win7) available.

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