Dymo LabelWriter – ‘free’ upgrade to faster version

Dymo Label Printers are currently running a promotion offering the faster Turbo model for the same price as the standard model.

Both the Dymo LabelWriter 400 and LabelWriter Turbo are currently on sale for only £79.99

The faster version has an RRP of £119.99 (ex VAT) so it is a saving of £40.

Both printers are the standard desktop label printers for use in the home and small offices. They are generally used for address labels, but are also often used for barcode labels, general office labels and filing.

Dymo LabelWriter ‘on the go’ with new iPhone app

The new version of the iPhone application “Print n Share” from EuroSmartz Ltd enhances the DYMO LabelWriter by allowing remote printing and greater ease of use for users whether in the office or on-the-go.

Dymo state “With the ‘Print n Share’ iPhone application, iPhone users with DYMO LabelWriter printers can tap directly into their desktops and have instant access to print labels from anywhere”, giving “Quick management of important lists or databases for mass mailings or reports Cross referencing capability to pull information from contact lists and emails”

If you actually understood what any of that meant, and it sounds useful, then the Print n Share application is available for download at the iTunes App store, costing just $6.99/£3.99 (existing users can upgrade for free).

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Launched

The brand new Dymo LabelWriter 450 range has been launched in the US. The main difference is a change of colour, to a shiney black, improved print quality and faster print speeds.

The standard model runs at 51 labels/min (up from 40 lpm on the LabelWriter 400), and 71 label/min on the Turbo/Twin/Duo models (up from 55 lpm).

Also, the print quality has been improved from 300dpi to “600x300dpi”.

Unfortunately, these models aren’t due for release in the UK until at least 2010, according to Dymo insiders, so if you need a new Dymo LabelWriter you’re better off going for the current 400 series rather than waiting.

‘Dymo Time’ Cashback promotion has now ended

After being extended for an extra month the Dymo Time promotional campaign has now ended.

However, you can still claim your cashback until the end of August for purchases that were made during the Dymo cashback campaign (ie. April-July).

The ‘free starter pack with a LabelWriter printer’ offer is still running though, and you can get that exclusively at www.dymo-label-printers.co.uk until stocks run out.