Dymo LabelWriter Labels

LabelWriter Labels come in a variety of sizes and types, however there is only a fixed range of standard labels – ie. you can’t get custom sized, pre-printed or different colours.

The labels are all identified by the 5 digit dymo code, with the removable labels starting ’11’ and the permanent labels starting with ’99’. All of the labels are white except for the 99013 (the clear version of the popular 99012’s) and the 99011 labels which are 99010 sized labels supplied in Blue/Yellow/Pink/Green (all 4 colours in 1 box).

The full list of UK labels is here:

11352 Return address labels
11353 Price tag labels
11354 Multi-purpose labels
11355 Multi-purpose labels
11356 Name badge labels
14681 CD/DVD labels
99010 Standard address labels
99011 Standard address labels (Clear)
99012 Large address labels
99013 Large address labels (4 colours)
99014 Shipping / name badge labels
99015 Diskette labels
99016 Video spine labels
99017 Suspension file labels
99018 Small lever arch labels
99019 Large lever arch labels

The following labels are NOT yet availble in the UK:

Dymo Jewelery Labels
Dymo Appointment Cards
Dymo Business Cards

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