Rumour: New addition to range will launch soon!

Dymo insiders have revealed a new addition to the LabelWriter range. While details can’t be revealed at this stage we can mention that the new product will be sold both as an ‘add-on’ for existing Dymo Labelwriter 400 users, and also as a ‘bundle’ option for new LabelWriters.

The launch has been delayed from Q1 to Q2, but is expected to be announced very shortly and is pending agreements with 3rd parties.

Sources close to Dymo suggest that this will be a very well received product, especially amongst E-Bayers and micro/small business users.

Watch this space for further updates!

One thought on “Rumour: New addition to range will launch soon!”

  1. This product has been delayed again to at least Q3 possibly Q4. Negotiations with the 3rd party taking longer than expected.

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